Project Submission

OCC – Radiation Oncology PPA Submission Information

Diplomates must submit all project data by clicking on the link below. The AOBR has teamed up with Meaningful Measurement, who has developed O-CAT (Osteopathic Continuous Assessment Training.) O-CAT will be used for collecting and analyzing all diplomate project data.

Diplomates may participate in a project provided by a national organization or society or develop their own project as an individual or a group. All patient data collected and measured must be from the diplomate’s own patient data within the current calendar year. If the diplomate chooses to participate in a national organization or society offered project, the data must also be entered into O-CAT for review and approval by the AOBR.

Choose a project that presents a challenge or perceived gap in your practice. Projects may be selected from a variety of existing projects sponsored by national organizations and societies or self-directed by the diplomate.

Sponsored projects, including registries, are preferred for use in OCC by either individuals or groups. They have standardized formats for use by the diplomate and offer project specific templates to be followed throughout their completion.

A project template is available for diplomates to use as a guide while collection project data.


The AOBR will randomly audit OCC participants. It is incumbent upon the physician to retain the source data of each of his/her projects in the event of an audit.