PPA Info

OCC – Radiation Oncology Practice Performance & Assessment (PPA)

Each AOBR certified physician is required to successfully complete a qualified OCC practice performance assessment every three year CME cycle or a total of three projects per 10-year OCC cycle. There are several different options for completing this requirement.

Complete an Attestation Form:

The simplest way to fulfill this requirement for most of our AOBR certified physicians is to attest to participating in a quality improvement activity.  Physicians can visit https://physicianportal.osteopathic.org/PPA to attest.  Please, note you will be required to sign into the site using your osteopathic.org login information. The AOBR will audit a percentage of attestation forms to ensure participation in the project.

Or Complete a Practice Performance Assessment (PPA):

To avoid the potential of an audit, AOBR certified physicians can also submit a full practice performance assessment (PPA) project using the physician’s own patient data. The goal of the practice performance component is to demonstrate performance improvement in radiation oncology knowledge and skills, including assessment activities of AOA specific core competencies. Diplomates will be required to demonstrate that they can assess the quality of radiation oncology care they provide compared to peers and national benchmarks and then apply the best evidence or consensus recommendations to improve that radiation oncology care using follow-up assessments.

All projects must include the following elements:

  • Relevance to patient care
  • Relevance to diplomate’s practice
  • Practice Guidelines & Technical Standards
  • Identifiable metrics and/or measurable endpoints
  • An action plan to address areas for improvement and subsequent remeasurement to assess progress and/or improvement

Choose a project that presents a challenge or perceived gap in your practice. Projects may be selected from a variety of existing projects sponsored by national organizations and societies or self-directed by the diplomate. Lists of projects are available on the websites of the following organizations: ASTRO (PAAROT) & ACR (RO-PEER).

The AOBR will randomly audit OCC participants. It is incumbent upon the physician to retain the source data of each of his/her projects in the event of an audit.

Please keep in mind that examples given are not required projects by the AOBR, each is merely a resource to assist diplomates in researching the types of projects they may or may not like to participate.