Project Submission

OCC – Diagnostic Radiology PPA Submission Information

Each diplomate is required to successfully complete a qualified OCC practice performance assessment every three years or a total of three projects per 10-year OCC cycle using the diplomate’s own patient data. Diplomates will be required to demonstrate that they can assess the quality of radiological care they provide compared to peers and national benchmarks and then apply the best evidence or consensus recommendations to improve that radiological care using follow-up assessments. You may complete your PPA following these three steps:

Step 1: The AOBR has three pre-approved PPA topic areas:

  • RADPEER (or a similar Peer Review)
  • MQSA
  • Turn-Around Time

If you wish to complete a PPA on one of these three topics you may CLICK HERE. You may also submit a PPA topic in a different area using an initial topic approval form. Once your topic is approved, you can go to the PPA data form and submit your topic and data. It is important to get approval before submitting your PPA topic if it falls under the “Other” category.

Step 2: Please enter your PPA project data in the form listed above. Please be sure to complete all required fields. Please  hit the submit button when you have completed your PPA form.

Step 3: The AOBR will review your submitted PPA data and email you when your form has been reviewed and approved.

Step 4: Physicians who have not met their referenced benchmark for their PPA will be required to complete a post-improvement cycle. The goal is to improve upon the initial data collection after implementation of an improvement plan in daily practice. After completion of the post-improvement cycle form, the physician may consider the project requirement complete, even if the benchmark is not met. Please note “project complete” status is dependent on review and approval from the AOBR.

Important PPA Information: will be

  • The Board requires submission of a minimum of three (3) different projects within a full 10-year OCC cycle.
  • Project data must be current data (i.e. data cannot be gathered retrospectively and submitted)
  • Some projects may not have a nationally published benchmark available; therefore, physicians may submit the standard set within their group or hospital.

The AOBR will randomly audit OCC participants. It is incumbent upon the physician to retain the source data of each of his/her projects in the event of an audit.